80.5 New Letters

80.5 New Letters

New letters. A Magazine of Writing & Art. Kansas City, University of Missouri at Kansas City. v. 38- fall 1971-

Fortsættelse af: University review
Has supplements: New letters review of books, 1978-1992; New letters book reviewer, 1993-1994

Vol. 75, nos. 2 & 3/ 2009: 

Side 126-129: Thomas. E. Kennedy: Uncle Danny comes to America: Introduction to Poet Dan Turèll (1946-93)

Side 130-139: Dan Turèll: Three Poems. Translated from the Danish by Thomas E. Kennedy:A Tribute to Everyday (Hyldest til Hverdagen), My old Neighborhood Haunt (Mit Gamle Stamværtshus), Behind Every Single Window (Bag hvert eneste vindue)